R Reflections prides itself as being a sustainable augmented reality service provider, which helps our clients create a sustainable yet fully personalised clothes shopping experience thus reducing returns.

Did You Know...?

At least 30% of all products bought online end up being returned

Returns transportation contributes to 15 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions

How Does R Reflections Benefit the Environment?

The R Reflections apps positively benefit the environment by:


Reducing clothing returns

Reducing CO2 emissions produced by returned items of clothing

Reduced plastic packaging for unwanted goods

Minimise production waste at suppliers

Less postal cost for retailers


The apps do this by allowing the customers to be the actual models, virtually try on the clothing they like to determine whether or not it suits their body shape, size and skin tone, all before purchasing.

Proud Sponsor of Sustainable Fashion Week UK 2021

R Reflections supported SFW 2021 through sponsorship, in order to help raise awareness of the impacts the fashion industry is having on the environment.


SFW is the UK’s first fashion week of its kind. Their focus isn’t on next season’s trends but instead it's based on up-skilling, inspiring and empowering the community. They want to generate action, from the ground up, that supports a change in our relationship with fashion.


In September 2021 they created a week of creative, community-led activity that celebrates the many ways everyone can begin new fashion habits that don’t harm people or the planet.