R Reflections iOS App

The R Reflections iOS mobile app can be downloaded on most iPhones and iPads for free, globally


R Reflections is a virtual clothes fitting room app, allowing the users to become the models, try on the clothing they like, to determine whether an item of clothing suits them, their body shape, size and skin tone all before purchasing.


R Reflections users can either upload a full body or a face photo of themselves, to make their virtual clothes fitting room experience more personalised. With a face photo, it is placed on a body figure which the user can then change the skin tone, body shape and size to match their own.


There are two ways in which users can upload clothing into the app, either via saving images of clothes onto their device photo library or by taking a photo on their device camera. Within the app there is a pre-loaded clothing section where users can search for clothes via the search page. Rebecca has partnered with brands and has downloaded their clothes onto R Reflections, in order to increase their sales, brand awareness and customer experience

R Reflections aims to reduce the effect the fashion industry has on the environment by helping to reduce returns and CO2 emissions, whilst enhancing customer’s clothes shopping experience and decreasing customers disappointment when they receive clothing brought online.