R Reflections Web App 


The R Reflections web app has the same concept, allowing the customers to be the actual models, try on the clothing they like, to determine whether or not it suits their body shape, size and skin tone, all before purchasing.

Physical fitting rooms have always been extremely popular for customers when shopping in-stores, however why not offer virtual clothes fitting rooms for online customers? 


R Reflections is built on creating personal experiences, with both our clients and their customers. That's why this famous statistic will always cement what I'm trying to solve; 260 Million items are left in baskets each year due to poor online shopping experiences.


The R Reflections web app was created specifically for clothing brands, giving them the opportunity to integrate the web app into their own websites, adding their logo and brand colour, to make it look like their own. It’s a great way for brands to give their customers the ultimate and fully personalised clothes shopping experience, whilst reducing their returns, CO2 emissions and increasing their customer satisfaction.


Clothing brands benefit from the web app, as they are able to embed the software into their own websites, meaning customers can have a virtual clothes fitting room experience directly from their website, without having to leave their website. Brands can also personalise the web app, to make it look like their own, for example by adding in their logo and brand colour, to match their website and brand.


Customers benefit from the web app, as it gives them the opportunity to have an enhanced shopping experience, it increases first time right pick and customer satisfaction, as well as working like a physical instore fitting room.

How the Web App Works

Upload Your Image

Upload a picture of either your face or full body by taking a photo or choosing a photo from your device library

Try On

Browse through the retailers clothing by using the search tool or using the categories, to try them on.


Click the link beneath each item of clothing's image to be taken to the specific product page to purchase that item straightaway.

How to Integrate The Web App


Admin Account

Upload Your Clothing

After signing the order form you'll be given your own admin account for your brand, allowing you to create categories, add in your own clothing and access your unique web app code.

Upload your brands clothing into your admin account, including a picture of each item, along with the URL, product name, SKU and categories.

Code Integration

The web app is a HTML link, which can be imbedded easily and quickly into any website. You'll receive a PDF document with step by step instructions for integration.

Web App Demo

Please feel free to trial out the web app on this page, and if you would like to discus the R Reflections web app further, or would like any questions answered, please contact me on rebeccamabbett@rreflections.co.uk