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An App where you can view clothes on your body virtually, before purchasing your clothes online.

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About the App

Do you ever get fed up of shopping online, receiving the clothes only to find it doesn’t suit your or doesn’t look right on your body shape?

Let’s change that, R Reflections is an app that you can upload a photo of either your face or whole body. It then acts like a virtual changing room, allowing you to try on the clothes you like and put together outfits before you purchase these clothes online. There are lots of pre-loaded clothes already in the app you can use, and can search by using the search tool within the app. You are also given the option to download clothes with a white background onto your phone or tablets camera roll and upload them into the app.

Why should I download it?

R Reflections has been designed to give customers personalization and provides an efficient online shopping experience for users, effectively making you the model.

What are you waiting for, download R Reflections today, to make it, “all about you”!

Why not treat yourself?

R Reflections in-app monthly subscription gives you access to all the new and exciting features such as:

  • Removal of banner ads
  • Save your outfits
  • Edit your saved outfits
  • Share your outfits with friends
  • Share your outfits on social media

Like what you hear, you can get all these extra features for only £1.99 per month!

Why R Reflections

How is R Reflections any different?

  • Complete personalisation
  • Augmented reality viewing
  • Tailors the service to you
  • Increased personal satisfaction
  • Easy online shopping experience

The environmental benefits

  • CO2 reduction
  • Reduced plastic packaging
  • Minimise production waste
  • Less postal cost for retailers
  • Fewer returned items

Get in touch

Email: rebeccamabbett@rreflections.co.uk
Phone: 07415482893