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R Reflections is a virtual clothes fitting room app which allows you to try on clothes before buying them.

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About the App

Do you ever get fed up of shopping online, receiving the clothes, only to find they don’t suit you or don’t look right on your body shape?

R Reflections aims to solve this issue! R Reflections is a virtual clothes fitting room app which allows you to virtually try on clothes before you buy them, enabling you to determine whether an item of clothing suits your skin tone, body shape and size.

R Reflections allows you to upload items of clothing you like into the app, via either your device photo library or device camera. As well as you uploading your own clothing into the app, R Reflections has a pre-loaded clothing section, where you can try on a range of clothes from brands which R Reflections has collaborated with.


Clothing Brand Partners

How does R Reflections

Benefit the...


  • Complete personalisation
  • Augmented reality viewing
  • Tailors the service to you
  • Increased personal satisfaction
  • Easy online shopping experience


  • Reducing returns
  • Right 1st time pick chance increased
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced outlay of product stock
  • Reduction of stock turns


  • CO2 reduction
  • Reduced plastic packaging
  • Minimise production waste
  • Less postal cost for retailers
  • Fewer returned items

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Email: rebeccamabbett@rreflections.co.uk
Phone: 07415482893