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“From my first impressions it’s a very innovative and creative idea. Owning a small clothing brand myself, I struggle with growing the e-commerce aspect of my business, especially giving people a unique online experience on my website, so I’m definitely interested in finding out more about the app and how it can work for my business."


“R Reflections is integrated within our Pennyblues  website. We partnered with R Reflections back in November 2020, after seeing an article on BBC News about the start up. We both have the same sustainability core values which attracted us to R Reflections, as it’s something that’s close to our hearts. The partnership has worked wonderfully, communication has been efficient and effective. We are looking forward to continuing to work with R Reflections. "


“Been using this app for a few months now and love it, it’s so handy to plan my outfits. Would recommend to shopping lovers like me."


"Really useful and easy to use, I hate returning clothing so hopefully this app will help me."


“It is essential today to be able to see how a garment looks on oneself, especially when buying online. It is much more sustainable as it avoids huge amounts of returns. R Reflexions his definitely in the right direction with their app and I look forward to see how it evolves"


"A fun and useful app to ‘try on’ the clothes you are thinking of buying. Such a great way to cut down on returning unwanted items too."



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