Disrupting the online fashion retail market

R Reflections is an augmented reality retail technology company, enhancing retailer's online presence through virtual clothes fitting room software, whilst reducing clothing returns.

R Reflections was founded by Rebecca Mabbett, to solve a problem she was facing when ordering clothing online. Rebecca has always had an entrepreneurial spark in her, which pushed her to solve her problems to create a solution for everyone. As a typical teenage girl, Rebecca loved ordering clothing online and would get excited when she received her orders, only to be left disappointed when she tried them on in her bedroom to find they either didn’t fit or suit her, resulting in her returning the items. When Rebecca researched returns in the fashion industry and the effects they have on our environment, retailers and consumers, she decided it was her time to take action. 


R Reflections was launched in September 2020, and since then we’ve launched two apps, one on iOS and the other a web based app designed to be licensed out to retailers. So far, R Reflections has come a long way from the initial launch, we’ve got app users from across the globe, won global awards, received global press and partnered with major fashion retailers like New Look and FatFace on their affiliate programmes. 

Physical fitting rooms are always popular within high-street stores, but why are online customers not being given the same personalisation opportunities? Rebecca’s passion for R Reflections is to enhance retailer's online presence, by giving their customers a fun, engaging, fully personalised clothes shopping experience, whilst reducing customer disappointment and the amount of clothing returns retailers process.


Sustainability is built into R Reflections and something we always aim to improve within the fashion retail industry, via reducing clothing returns. Clothing returns not only impact retailers and customers, but the environment too, and here at R Reflections these 3 key statistics prove this:

  • "At least 30% of all products bought online end up being returned to the retailers", according to WAAM Official.

  • "Returns transportation contributes to 15 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere each year", according to Good Housekeeping.

  • "Online clothing returns are expected to reach £5.6 billion by 2023", according to Fashion United.

The R Reflections software was built by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations and needs. We know how to analyse this information and customise our offering to changing market needs.

Although Rebecca is extremely proud of what R Reflections has achieved, there are thousands more opportunities and dreams she wants

R Reflections to achieve.