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About Us

Disrupting the online clothing retail market

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we’re providing virtual reality online clothes shopping experiences to both retailers and consumers across the UK and worldwide. Whether you’re a consumer who hates ordering clothing online, receiving it, only to find that it doesn’t suit/fit you, or a retailer that has a high clothing return rate which is eating your profits, with our technologies, we’ve got a solution for you.


Our technology aims to create fun, engaging and fully personalised clothes shopping experiences, allowing the users to be the models, try on the clothing they like all within one app, to reduce customer disappointment and clothing returns.


Physical fitting rooms are always popular within high-street stores, but why are online customers not being given the same personalisation opportunities?


We’re currently working with New Look, FatFace, Juicy Couture, Gym King and Yours Clothing through their affiliate programs, as well partnering with several small sustainable clothing brands too. We’re able to offer our 6000 global users the opportunity to browse, virtually try on, style and create outfits with 1000s of our affiliate partners clothing, in order to get that first time right pick. 


Our software was built by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations and needs. We know how to analyse this information and customise our offering to changing market needs.


We’re passionate about creating technologies which aim to reduce the impact clothing returns are having on the environment, whilst positively enhancing consumers online clothes shopping experiences.

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