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Disrupting the online retail market

R Reflections is an AR retail technology company, enhancing retailer's online presence via virtual clothes fitting room software, whilst reducing clothing returns.

With the retail and fashion industries changing rapidly, retailers are fighting to play catch up, keep up with the latest trends and technology. My passion for R Reflections is to enhance retailer's online presence, by giving their customers an engaging, fully personalised clothes shopping experience, whilst reducing clothing returns.

You're probably wondering how on earth a 19 year old in the midst of the global pandemic, never having previous experience in either the retail or technology industry has taken the risk to build a business? Let me share my secrets on how I went from College student to entrepreneur in just 3 months...

The concept of R Reflections was born in the small Spanish town of Estepona back in August 2019. After becoming increasingly disappointed with ordering clothing from online retailers, receiving them, to find the items didn’t suit my body shape, size or skin tone, then having to be returned. I decided enough is enough, how can I solve this problem?

Physical fitting rooms are always popular within high-street stores, but why are online customers not being given the same personalisation opportunities? My virtual clothes fitting room idea was created to increase customer satisfaction, sales, provide fun, engaging online clothes shopping experiences, whilst reducing the amount of clothing returns.

To develop R Reflections I worked with Innovate Product Design, where the software took a year to fully develop, this period included designing, prototyping and finalising the code.

September 2020, my very first mobile app software on iOS launched to become a multi retailer app, just weeks before my 20th birthday, the app now boasts thousands of global users, particularly from the UK, US, and Canada.

R Reflections is passionate about creating fun and engaging online clothes shopping experiences. Our software allows the customers to be the models, try on the clothing they like, create outfits, all before purchasing, thus reducing returns.

Sustainability is a huge part of R Reflections and something we always aim to improve within the fashion retail industry, via reducing clothing returns. Clothing returns not only impact retailers and customers, but our environment too, and here at R Reflections these 3 key statistics prove this:

"At least 30% of all products bought online end up being returned to the retailers", according to WAAM Official.

"Returns transportation contributes to 15 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere each year", according to Good Housekeeping.

"Online clothing returns are expected to reach £5.6 billion by 2023", according to Fashion United.

Since the launch of R Reflections I’ve had an impressive PR coverage, being featured on BBC News within a month of launching, Techround, e360TV, winning 6 global business awards, shortlisted for the National Technology Awards 2021, as well appearing in several local newspapers.

In December 2021, I launched my second app designed especially for single retailer use, licensing the software, to enable retailers to integrate it into their own websites including their branding.

2022, started off to a fantastic start for me, I was accepted onto both the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator and The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Course, which both will help to build my connections and knowledge base further.

Our software was built by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations and needs. We know how to analyse this information and customize our offering to changing market needs. Why not join our growing customer base? Get in touch today to learn more about the R Reflections story.