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Are You Looking To Reduce Your Clothing Returns?

Explore below to find out how R Reflections is changing your apparel e-commerce experience to make your online clothes shopping experience more personalised

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Do you enjoy shopping online for clothing, but hate having to return items? Do you get excited when your order arrives, only to be left disappointed when you try on the clothing to find a third of it doesn't fit or suit you?

I understand your frustrations, that's why I've created R Reflections, a virtual clothes fitting room iOS mobile app!


R Reflections allows you, the customer to be the model, to try on the clothing you like, all before purchasing from the retrospective retailers website. It's simple and easy to set up, all you need to do is create an account, upload a face or full body photo and start trying on clothing and create outfits you love, all before purchasing.

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Reducing retailers high return rates, through fully personalised virtual clothes fitting room technology integrated into retailers websites.

Our retailer-based app was designed to directly enhance your customers' online clothes shopping experiences on your website. We’ve decided to create a web-based version of our popular consumer iOS app and licence it out to retailers like yourselves, to embed on your website, with your branding.

Our software allows your customers to be the models, try on the clothing they like, create outfits, all before purchasing, without leaving your website.

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