About R Reflections

"It's all about you!"

What is R Reflections?

R Reflections is a virtual clothes fitting room app, allowing the users to be the models, try on the clothing they like, to determine whether an item of clothing suits them, their body shape and size, all before purchasing.

How does R Reflections work?

When setting up a profile in the app, users are able to upload a full body or a face photo of themselves into the app, making them the models. If users opt to take a face photo, their face is placed onto to a body outline, which they can change the skin colour, body shape and size to match their own, in order to make their virtual clothes fitting room experience more personalised.


Once users profiles are set up, users can start uploading clothing into the app and trying clothes on. There are two ways in which users can upload clothing they like into the app, either via saving images of clothes onto their device photo library or by taking a photo on their device camera.

What is the search tool used for in the R Reflections app?

Within the app there is a pre-loaded clothing section where users can search for clothes via the search tool in the app. I have partnered with clothing brands and have downloaded their clothes onto R Reflections, for all their customers and my app users to try on a buy directly from the brands websites.

To find out more information about R Reflections clothing brand partners visit our Partners page!

Why was R Reflections created, and how does it benefit the environment?

The whole idea and concept of R Reflections came from a problem Rebecca Mabbett (Founder of R Reflections) was facing every time she shopped online for clothes. Rebecca would order clothes online, receive the clothes only to find that half of the items had to be returned as they either didn't fit, suit her body shape, size or skin tone.

Returned clothing within the fashion industry is having a massive impact on not only the retailers like yourself, but the environment. Research shows that online returned clothing is set to reach 5.6 billion pounds by 2023. R Reflections is aiming to reduce this figure by encouraging customers to use the app when shopping for clothes, so that they have an idea of what the clothes will look like on themselves before purchasing.


When clothing is returned to brands, it requires additional transportation which creates more CO2 emissions by travelling back to the brands depot/warehouse. These journeys back to the brands could be reduced by allowing online customers to try before they buy in order to reduce the extra CO2 emissions.

What does R Reflections aim to do?

R Reflections aims to help reduce the effect the fashion industry has on the environment by helping to reduce returns and CO2 emissions, whilst enhancing customer’s clothes shopping experience and decrease customer disappointment when they receive their clothes.

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